Urban Coyote Initiative is a team of photojournalists assisting scientists and cities across North America. We bring together the most recent research about coyotes and combine it with unique, intimate, and beautiful photography that reveals everything there is to know about the species.


Urban Coyote Initiative creates exceptional photos and films documenting the stories and science of urban coyotes across North America.


The urban coyote is the ultimate symbol of nature’s adaptability and resilience. Our reaction to urban coyotes reflects our often conflicted relationship with wild things in urban areas. By learning to live alongside coyotes, we learn to fully embrace wilderness not only within city limits, but everywhere.

Thus, the urban coyote is a keystone in the philosophy of environmentalism.


Through extraordinary photography and videography, we advance science-based awareness of urban coyotes, the role they play in healthy urban ecosystems, and strategies for urban residents to live peacefully alongside this adaptable canid.

In the process of our work, we explore the complex relationship humans have with wilderness and wildlife, the role of urban ecology in daily life and in the conservation movement, and the adaptability and resilience of urban species.


We collaborate with researchers, biologists, city managers and planners, community organizations, and media companies to create visual assets that advance research studies, promote public safety, and explore urban ecology and biodiversity.

Whether documenting a research project or crafting a portfolio for print and online publications for public awareness, we provide the highest level photography and media assets documenting and promoting urban coyote ecology and coexistence.


We are always excited to chase down interesting and complex stories about urban coyotes, scientific research, and coexistence. Our experience as photojournalists and filmmakers has given us wonderful opportunities to get out in the field to create new content for publication.

How It Works?


Coyotes are one of the most divisive species on the North American continent. No other wild animal sparks as much emotion in urban residents, running the gamut of loathing to love.

Controversial or not, they are here, and here for good. By eliminating natural predators and natural barriers of habitat, humans have literally paved the way for coyotes to explore new territories, including the prairies of suburban lawns and the forests of skyscrapers in cities.

The arrival of coyotes into the urban scene has undoubtedly changed the way we look at them. Coyotes have proven to us time and again that they will persist no matter what our opinions of them.

While there is a greater awareness of their presence, there is still rampant misunderstanding about their lives and behaviors.

Our work aims to change this.

By showing urban coyotes as they go about their daily lives, we help to eliminate the mystery and misconceptions in a visually compelling and scientifically accurate way.

We believe photography has the power to shift fear to understanding, conflict to coexistence. And we believe that aiming our cameras at coyotes is the most straightforward way we can help build healthy, thriving urban ecosystems that benefit the lives of everyone.


We work with you to build a portfolio of professional-level visual assets to accomplish your goals, whether that is scientific research, public safety outreach, classroom materials, urban planning, or even nature exhibits for the public.

Our collaborations can include:

- Creating original photo or video assets for public outreach campaigns

- Crafting portfolios for grants or other fundraising efforts

- Gallery exhibits (indoor or outdoor)

- PSA videos for local broadcasting

- Customized education materials for cities, classrooms, and communities

- And anything else you might dream up